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Chinese 5 Spice ingredients:

Cinnamon, Coriander, Aniseed, Ginger, Fennel, Cloves, Black Pepper.

About Chinese 5 Spice

Chinese Five Spice Powder is on the top of our list for its delightful combination of taste elements. While many of our seasoning combinations make wonderful marinades, this blend is a top contender.

The Chinese believe that it is important to incorporate the principal of the yin and the yang into their meals, thus the heat of a dish should be counter-balanced by an equally cooling ingredient. When you try this seasoning you will be surprised at how beautifully the flavours; sweet, warm, cool and spicy, blend. This is an extremely versatile mixture suited to rice, vegetables, and virtually any type of stir fry. A pinch can add new excitement to muffins, nut breads, or even waffle batter.

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Customer reviews

This is a good tasting blend of spices - I like to use it in my Christmas baking for a really warm, seasonal flavour.

By Isobel Kirk on 09/09/2015

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