The Festive Collection Organic Chestnut Puree no added sugar, 180g

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About Organic Chestnut Puree no added sugar,

These Organic Chestnuts are puréed, with no added sugar. Perfect for Christmas.


Organic Chestnut Puree no added sugar, ingredients: Chestnuts 70%, water.

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Healthy Spelt Sweet And Nutty Flavoured Chestnut Pancakes Recipe

Summary: These pancakes have a lovely sweet and nutty flavour, thanks to the chestnut flour. You can use half chestnut half spelt, like I do, or half rye flour, half chestnut flour. For gluten-free pancakes, use all chestnut or half chestnut and half gluten-free flour mix. Delicious on their own, or filled with chestnut puree for extra chestnut sweetness.


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