Biofair Organic Quinoa Pops Gluten Free, FairTrade, 120g

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Organic Quinoa Pops Gluten Free, FairTrade, ingredients: 100% Quinoa

About Organic Quinoa Pops Gluten Free, FairTrade,

Quinoa Pops from Biofair. Fairtrade, organic and Gluten Free these pops are a great start to the day, simply add your favourite milk (we like nut milks the best) and have a healthy, tasty breakfast in seconds. Made from 100% quinoa with no added sugar or preservatives.

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Vegan Grapefruit, Orange, Almond and Amaranth Parfait Recipe

Summary: This delicious vegan dessert is perfect for summer and takes no time to make. Makes two generous portions. Enjoy! As always with fruit, choose your grapefruit and oranges ripe and juicy. They will be so sweet that you will not need to add any sweetener, or if you do, you will only need a little. You can make your own popped cereal from amaranth, quinoa or even canihua (also known as kaniwa or baby quinoa). It will take a little longer, but you could make a batch of popped cereal for breakfast too.

Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free No added sugar Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free